Edinburgh Fringe 2016 Recommendations

The Edinburgh Fringe is just around the corner, and because i should be spending every waking moment writing the two shows I’m taking there, obviously I’ve decided to procrastinate and put together a list of things I think you should see.

Given the choice I would go and see all of these shows, most of them I’ll definitely go and see, some of them clash with my shows, so I wont be able to see them but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t (assuming that you’ve already seen my show)

A lot of shows differ in price depending on what day you want tickets for, so see the fringe website for prices. On the list you’ll see the letters PWYW, this is for shows that let you Pay What You Want. They are shows that will be listed usually as part of the “free” festival. Remember these shows are not FREE to produce or perform, so if you’ve enjoyed the show make sure you put in whatever you think the show was worth at the end. (If it was shit, dont be embarrassed to leave nothing, these people have to learn)

Most of the people on the list are people I have performed with and can personally recommend, the ones that I don’t know are people I’ve heard so much about that I will be trying to see them, so it’s a professional recommendation either way. That said, if you don’t like the people I recommend, then comedy is subjective and it just means that you are wrong.

act name time Ticket Price location
Paul McDaniel 1215 PWYW Three Sisters (Staff Room)
Maff Brown 1215   Cabaret Voltaire
Tom Houghton 1300 PWYW cabaret Voltair (cinema room)
Patrick Mulholland 1315 PWYW 48 Below
Andrew Learmonth 1315   Stand 5 & 6
Lucy Frederick 1415 PWYW Cabaret Voltaire (cinema room)
Eleanor Morton 1425   Stand 3 & 4
Stu & Gary 1430   stand 1
Seymore Mace 1430   Stand 2
Two and half old men 1440 PWYW Beehive
Scott Gibson 1445 £5 advance or PWYW Gilded Ballon (counting house)
Dan Willis 1450 PWYW Liquid Room Annexe
Matt Winning 1545 PWYW Opium
Luke Benson 1620 PWYW Banshee Labyrinth
Kevin Quantum 1630   Gilded Ballon (debating hall)
Dan Willis 1700 Sneaky Petes
Rory O’Hanlan 1700 PWYW Opium
Ashley Storrie 1715 PWYW Three Sisters (Maggies Front Room)
 Topical Storm 1720   stand 6
Liam Withnail 1725 PWYW beehive 2
Gordon Southern 1730 PWYW Frankensteins
Eric Lampaert 1730 PWYW City Café
Kunt & The Gang 1745 PWYW Three Sisters (Maggies Chamber)
Brennan Reece 1800 Pleasance Courtyard (Bunker)
Henning When 1800 Caves (big room)
John Scott 1815 PWYW Espionage (Kasbar)
Brendon Burns 1815 PWYW Liquid Room Annexe
Eddy Brimson 1835 PWYW Voodoo Rooms
Jojo Smith 1845 PWYW Cabaret Voltaire (upstairs)
Daisy Earl 1850   Beehive
Ed Patrick 1855 Just the tonic (community project)
Chris Forbes 1900 Gilded Balloon (wee room)
Knightmare Live 1900 Pleasance
Andy Askins 1900 £5 in advance or PWYW Gilded Balloon (Counting House)
Gary Little 1905 Stand 3 & 4
Susie McCabe 1905 stand 4
Gavin Webster 1910 Stand 2
Stuart Mitchell 1915 Pleasance Courtyard
Larry Dean 1915 Pleasance Courtyard (upstairs)
Stephen Bailey 1920 The Caves
Puddles Pity Party 1925 Assembly George Square
Jimeoin 1930 EICC
Vladamir McTavish 1930 Stand 5
Kai Humphries 1935 Gilded Ballon (billiard room)
Paul Currie 1940 £5 in advance or PWYW hive (big cave)
Darren Connell 1945   Gilded Balloon (Balcony)
Raymond Mearns 1945 PWYW beehive
Jarlath Regan 1945   just the tonice (the tron)
Eleanor Conway 1945 PWYW Frankensteins
Damian Clark 1945   Cabaret Voltaire (main Room)
Christopher Macarthur-Boyd & Rosco McLelland 2000 £5 in advance or PWYW Gilded Balloon (Counting House)
Milo McCabe 2000 PWYW City Café
Jellybean Martinez 2010 PWYW beehive
Martin Mor 2020   Stand 2
Piff The Magic Dragon 2030   Assembly George Square
Julia Sutherland 2030   Stand 1
Mark Nelson 2045   Gilded Balloon (Billiard Room)
Colin Cloud 2100   Underbelly Med Quad (
Christ On A Bike 2110   Voodoo Rooms
Foil, Arms & Hog 2150   Underbelly (white belly)
Hal Cruttenden 2200 Pleasance Courtyard (Forth)
Craig Campbell 2200 Stand 1
Daniel Sloss 2200 EICC
Scott Agnew 2200 £5 in advance or PWYW Gilded Balloon (Counting House)
Matty Finlayson 2200 PWYW Crags Bar (upstairs)
Glenn Wool 2200 £5 in advance or PWYW hive (big cave)
Viva La Shambles 2205 Stand 3
Randy 2205 Underbelly (potterow topside)
Kate Lucas 2230 Pleasance Courtyard
Joe Lycett 2230 Assembly Hall
Axis of Awesome 2230 Gilded Balloon (debating hall)
Harry Potter and the disappointing aftermath 2300 PWYW Ghillie Dhu