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  • Media person looking for some facts about me for your story (the least likely)
  • A crazy stalker that needs to know everything they can about me (also unlikely, but thank you if that’s the case)
  • A promoter, who needs info on me for a poster (Click Here for a pre-written blurb just for you)
  • Bored and stumbled on my page (most likely)

Career Highlights

  • Brief TV appearances on ITV 3 and BBC4
  • Small tour of Toronto as part of an all Scottish line up, 8 gigs in 12 days including closing at Yuk Yuks
  • Finalist in various competitions including Jongleurs J2O, The Scottish Suns Take the Mic and The Scottish Comedian Of The Year.
  • Appearances on BBC Radio Scotland
  • Written and performed 6 solo shows that have been performed across various venues in the UK.
  • Successful shows at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2012, 2013 and 2014
  • Getting regular work from most of the UK’s biggest comedy clubs.


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Quotes from folks:

“interesting, enjoyably candid, compelling, honest,truthful, even daring show.”
“Most stand-up these days try to shock and most crowds are unshockable. Chris Henry doesn’t try that hard to shock, instead he talks about things we think we recognise and succeeds in giving you a bit of a fright you never see coming. More than that he’s personable, so when he twists your preconceptions on their head, you thank him for it. In a way, he hands you your nuts, and you smile.”
(Adam Brophy) , Columnist for the Irish Times

“Best lines of the competition”
Alan Anderson , Promoter, Scottish Comedian of the Year
“He was good. He was very good. In fact, he was exceptional.”
Evening Express
“Seriously one of the best acts in the country”
Breakneck Comedy
***** – With hilarious wit and comic timing he had the whole audience in his grasp and they loved every second of it. Chris Henry is one for the future”
“Bit of a funny cunt”

Chris has written, produced and performed 6 solo shows at various venues and festivals across the UK

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