Just a bunch of words my brain farted in to sentences.

Film Reviews

Being a big movie fan, I’d love a job as a movie reviewer, here are some of my thoughts on fims I’ve watched.


Sometimes I get the urge to write letters of complaints and send them to companies.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2016 Recommendations

The Edinburgh Fringe is just around the corner, and because i should be spending every waking moment writing the two shows I'm taking there, obviously I've decided to procrastinate and put together a list of things I think you should see. Given the choice I would go and see all of these shows, most of them I'll definitely go and see, some of them clash with my shows, so I wo [...]

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Adelaide 2016

FOR TICKETS CLICK HERE Chris Henry is a Scottish comedian, single with no kids, no ex-wife and no real responsibilities (so obviously he loves his life). The only real problem he has, is being judged by everyone he meets. If you are lucky enough to get a ticket, you will be forced out of your comfort zone into the fun, frivolous and hilarious domain of this verbal magician. [...]

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Asda is trying to ruin me!

To whom it may concern, I do my supermarket shop online, for a number of reasons, I don’t drive, it’s easy, but mainly because I’m on a diet and when I go in to supermarkets my trolley accidently fills with high calorie “bargains”. My retailer of choice recently has been Asda, not just because of your low prices, but because your website is simple to use and I r [...]

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